Outreach School Programs

Bring our Educators to your school to provide enhanced curriculum regarding mapping skills, cultural interaction through government and 17th-century science and technology.

General Information

  • Programs held in your own school!
  • Offered year-round. Especially GREAT for winter months!
  • 30-days advanced reservations required.
  • Class size programs require 30 or fewer participants per session.
  • One or more programs can be scheduled to be done on the same day.
  • Programming for multiple grade levels to be done on the same day can also be arranged.
  • Out-of-area school districts are encouraged to book our full-day multiple programs for multiple grade levels. Let us help you meet your curriculum needs!

Call (804) 318-8797 for more information and to arrange program bookings.

Classroom Programs

These programs are designed to be held in a standard classroom or library and can handle up to 30 children per session.

History Kids Indian or History Kids English (Pre-K(3) - K)

45 minute program

Participate in childhood skills of the 17th century through chores, stories and role playing activities of the era. Select one or both themes.
Theme Choices: Indian or English Children.

Pre-K Foundation Blocks for Early Learning: History & Social Studies: Blocks 1-4. Science: Blocks 4, 6-7

Mapping the James River (Grades 1 - 5)

1 hour program
On site or outreach program

All about maps – what are they, their history, how to make them … Learn about the impact of the James River on the environment, people, places, and history of the area. Follow Captain John Smith’s 17th-century mapping adventure up the James River. Create a 3-D map of the future as a team-building activity.

17th-Century Sciences (Grades 3 - 9)

1 hour program

Explore the beginnings of modern scientific theory and method as it evolved during the Age of Enlightenment of the 17th century. This led to the Age of Exploration – with new navigational methods and tools, new theories of the solar system, medical advances and a better understanding of the physical world – which helped to bring new people to the New World.

Math & Mapping the James River (Grades 6 - 8)

1 hour program

17th-century innovations in mapping techniques and navigational tools helped bring colonists to the “New World”. Using mapping and math skills, locate historical sites from old maps onto modern maps.

Virginia Governments (Grades 6 - 9)

1 hour program

Experience, with a slide show and hands-on activities, early Virginia governments (both Indian and English): social duties, civic action, communal needs and economic systems. Follow the development of early American government by establishing rules for safety, health and security and through barter, trade and exchange. Can also be done in a classroom format.