Henricus Spotlight — Christina Vasiloff

Christina Vasiloff

Special Events Coordinator

All of our team members are invaluable, but we would be remiss not to highlight a woman who works behind the scenes to make all of our events extra special.

Creating a flawless experience takes serious attention to detail for both intimate and large events. From inception to completion, Christina Vasiloff works with our guests to create the perfect Henricus experience.

Looking for a space to host the next family reunion?  Want to treat your colleagues by hosting a unique business meeting?  Dreaming of a historic wedding ceremony?

We’ve got you covered.


How long have you been working with Henricus Historical Park?

I started working at Henricus Historical Park in June 2015.


Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in the Richmond area?

I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia; however, I prefer the mountains. During the summer of 2014, I completed an internship with the YMCA of the Rockies – Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, Colorado. There I worked as a special event coordinator and managed over 40 weddings. After graduating from James Madison University with a degree in hospitality management, I started looking for special event positions around Richmond and that’s how I landed here. J


As Special Events Coordinator for Henricus Historical Park, you organize weddings and special events throughout the year. Do you have a favorite event? If so, what is your favorite and why?

Since working here, I’ve organized a variety of events from weddings, company retreats and family reunions, to Henricus’ Publick Days, Hops in the Park, patron receptions and Boar’s Head Feast dinner. My favorite is Hops in the Park because every organization and person involved is passionate about the event. It’s not your typical parking lot beer fest. It brings together a diverse community of local breweries along with the farms of Virginia that grow their hops. Whether it’s beer, Virginia Grown products, learning about the history of hops and breweries, music, food, Henricus’ history or the view from the bluff – there really is something for everyone!


What is the most challenging aspect about your job? And Why?

I’d say the most challenging aspect of my job is that you can never anticipate the unexpected. You can be super organized and plan everything leading up to the event but when it comes to that day, you have to be flexible. I enjoy the fast pace and quick problem-solving, and the satisfaction at the end of the day when everything works out. Being able to adapt to whatever the days throw at you is what keeps life interesting.

Virginia has a long list of historical wedding venues. What makes this historical site unique and why do you feel brides are drawn to Henricus Historical Park?

Henricus Historical Park’s recreated 17th century buildings offer weddings so much historic charm. The church/meeting hall is the epitome of rustic elegance and any one that walks in will say “WOW.” Also, Henricus’ James River Overlook provides the quintessential river wedding backdrop. Wedding couples are drawn to Henricus’ because it’s simply beautiful as well as affordable. They not only have a stunning venue for their ceremony and reception, but an extraordinary experience for their guests as well.


What do you feel makes Henricus Historical Park special?

The vast array of programs, camps, weekend events and weddings that go on here make Henricus special. There is always something happening and something to look forward to. We are constantly improving and expanding the park, and I look forward to seeing this place grow!

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Christina Vasiloff
Special Events Coordinator
(804) 748-1131

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