Join our professional staff in an interactive, educational, and fun environment. Our day camps include historical demonstrations, interactions, make-and-take craft activities, and so much more! Your kids will make memories that last a lifetime at one of Virginia’s most popular living history museums.

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Single-Day Camps


Spring Break Camp (ages 8-12)

(Ages 8-12)

Beat the winter doldrums and celebrate Spring Break with us at Henricus!  Join us for one immersive program and delve deep into the topic of your choice or sign up for multiple programs and receive a discount. Snacks included!

Daily themes:

April 1 – Archaeology – Grab a trowel and get ready to dig into the past!  Learn about the tools and techniques of excavation and see what you can find out about people by the things they left behind.

April 2 – Science in the 17th Century – Follow in the footsteps of Galileo, Newton, and other giants of the Scientific Revolution and perform experiments to prove (or disprove!) scientific hypotheses.  Explore the close connections between science and nature in the Powhatan world.  See what new inventions and technologies of the time helped make colonization here possible.

April 3 – Follow That Fish: The Environment of the James River – The James River is important to more than just fish!  Find out how we have depended on and used the resources of the river over time.

April 4 – Sir Thomas Dale’s Colony – Do you have the grit to survive martial law?  Learn about the skills, such as construction and military tactics, that it would take to succeed under military rule at Henricus fort!

April 5 – Indian Summer – Summer (or as the Powhatan called it, Cohattayough) is coming!  What would the Powhatan Indians do to prepare for the season?

Time: 9am-4pm

Registration Deadline: March 22

Cost:$40/day per child,$36/day per child for multiple days; Henricus Patrons $33/day


Multiple-Day Camps


Camp Pocahontas I (ages 6 - 10)

What did a Powhatan child do for fun during the 17th century?  In our re-created Powhatan settlement of Arrohateck, campers will explore the environment and life of Pocahontas and the culture of the Powhatan people through demonstrations, activities, and arts and crafts.  Hands-on activities include cooking, farming, archery, music and dancing, engineering, canoe scraping, fish net weaving, and pottery.  Make-and-take crafts included.  

Dates: June 24-28

Time: 9am-4pm

Registration Deadline: June 19

Cost: $185/child; Henricus Patrons $165/child

After Care Available for this Camp (up to one hour ):
$5/each day per child


James River Camp (Ages 9-12)

Discover the environmental and geological features of the historic James River as Powhatans and the Colonial settlers would have encountered it 400 years ago.   Paddle a kayak and identify how the plants and animals of the river were hunted, gathered, and used throughout history.  Understand the course changes made at Dutch Gap during the Civil War and see how it is used today.  Take a field trip to a water treatment plant and then do conduct science experiments relating to water purification.  Meet the historic peoples who lived along the banks of the James River and see how they used the river to meet their daily needs.  

Dates: August 6-8

Time: 9am-4pm

Registration Deadline: August 10

Cost: : $140/child, $130/multiple children (same family); Henricus Patrons: $110/child