Adult Education Programs

Group Programs for clubs, retirement organizations, bus tour groups, college-level classes, or continuing education booked on your choice of day. Call 804-748-8797 to book your programs.

Guided Tours

400 Years of Indian & English History on the James River

Join our living history interpreters in an “immersion tour” of the Indian and English worlds of 17th-century Virginia: inter-cultural relations, militia, trades, daily life, religion, economics and government.

Cost: $12 per person

Group Programs

2-hour interactive and hands-on programs available:

Medical Practices of the 17th Century

Explore how early colonial doctors used a combination of herbs, tools and medical theories to try to heal the colonists of Henricus.  Session will be run in the re-created Mt. Malady, the first English speaking hospital in the New World.  Attendees will work with medical instruments of the era and the herbs from our “Physick” garden.

Cost: $18/person

Two Lives of Pocahontas

Learn the true story of Pocahontas through lecture and an on-site tour to explore the different cultures that Pocahontas lived in throughout her very short life. We will compare and contrast her daily life through clothing, food, housing, gender roles, education, religion and political changes.  Hands on activity – Period Candle Making.

Cost: $18/person

2019 Events

One-time afternoon programs designed for both groups and individuals. Registration is required by calling 804-318-8797.

Birth & Mortality (February 28, 2019)

What were the religious, governmental and social concepts and activities that were involved in the life cycle of people in 17th century Virginia?  Meet and join the colonists that were a part of these life experiences.  See the practical aspects of life in the colonies from a medical, governmental, and social viewpoint – birth to burial. 

Time: 2-4pm

Registration Deadline: February 26

Cost: $18/adult; Henricus Patrons: $16

Vices of the Colonists (March 14, 2019)

Food, fun, and folly – what did the colonists do for diversion, especially in the long winter months of colonial Virginia?

Time: 2-4pm

Registration Deadline: March 12

Cost: $18/adult; Henricus Patrons: $16

English Folklore (October 10, 2019)

Stories – happy, sad, and scary – from England followed the colonists to the New World early in the 17th Century.  Hear stories and participate in re-enactments of folklore that tried to explain their world as they saw and lived it. 

Time: 2-4pm

Registration Deadline: October 8

Cost: $18/adult; Henricus Patrons: $16

Music & Entertainment (December 5, 2019)

Join in music, dance, and entertainment of colonial Virginia.  What was popular and how did they spend the cold December days?   

Time: 2-4pm

Registration Deadline: December 3

Cost: $18/adult; Henricus Patrons: $16